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Building on our experience in the field of electric motors and generators, we master different kind of technologies, from more conventional to the most innovative. Consequently, based on specific needs, ERNEO is able to propose solution which fits with application.

ERNEO know-how in electric motors, generators and magnetic systems:

- Different architectures of electric motors and generators:
1111-- Cylindrical electric motors (radial flux) inrunner or outrunner
1111-- Disk electric motor (axial flux)
1111-- Linear electric motor
1111-- Multi-airgap electric motor

- Different technologies of electric motors and generators:
1111-- Conventional brushless motor or generator:
11111111--- AC or DC brushless
11111111--- Distributed winding, concentrated winding, fractional winding, solenoid winding
1111-- Direct drive torque motors with very high power-to-weight ratio, patented technologies)
1111-- Slotless motors (no cogging torque)
1111-- Fault-tolerant motors (double star, polyphase, etc.)
1111-- Transverse flux motor (claw pole electric motor)
1111-- Induction motor (squirrel cage, solid rotor)
1111-- Direct current motors (brushed)

- Other systems:
1111-- Electromagnets
1111-- Magnetic brakes
1111-- Magnetic gear (contactless speed reducer/multiplier)
1111-- Rotary transformers

- Material used:
1111-- Electrical steel (Silicon Iron, Cobalt Iron, Nickel Iron)
1111-- Magnetic power (SMC)
1111-- Permanent magnets (rare earth, ferrite, bonded magnets…)
1111-- Aluminum or copper winding (wire and bars)

- Size of electric motor and generator we design and manufacture: from a few millimeter to several meters…

- Environment:
1111-- Submersible motor
1111-- Immersed air gap
1111-- Cooling:
11111111--- Natural convection
11111111--- Forced convection
11111111--- Liquid cooling
1111-- Cryogenic environment

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